RODLINE – energy-saving PVC windows and doors


RODLINE windows are new, top quality products made by RODEX company. These are traditional PVC windows and doors with increased thermal insulation as well as windows produced according to the innovative HFL (Holzfenster Look) system.


Depending on the purpose, RODLINE systems allow for windows equipped with different opening system and types of vents both for buildings that already exist as well as buildings that are being built.


See how we produce RODLINE windows!



We offer:



  • tilt windows
  • turn-hung as well as tilt and turn windows and balcony doors
  • double-vent windows with movable pole
  • sloping and transom windows
  • hoisting sliding door  
  • multipartite windows and balcony doors with a pole and a bar
  • fixed glazing






Rodline HFL thermo

Energy-saving window made according to the unique HFL system (Holzfenster Look)

Rodline HFL comfort

Modern window produced according to the unique HFL system (Holzfenster Look)


Rodline thermo


Energy-saving window without steel reinforcements 

Rodline comfort plus

Window with high thermal insulation


Rodline comfort

Modern window made according to acrylcolor system

Rodline euro

Traditional window of high aesthetic quality


Rodline patio

Modern system of hoisting sliding door


Rodline doors

Safe and comfortable external doors