Elevations & Façades



We install and built façades from ALUCOBOND composite panels and other wall claddings. ALUCOBOND
is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a plastic or high mineral fi lled core.
The advantages of ALUCOBOND:
ALUCOBOND is approved in building applications. That means no restrictions in design and construction. Fire classifi cation approved for most building applications in many countries.
Lightness, extreme rigidity and a fl at surface, mean low costs for supporting structures and fasteners. Available in many standard colours; special colours on request.
Weather-resistant surfaces; supplied ready to install Dampens vibration, so no additional sound-deadening is necessary. Can easily be folded and shaped using simple, conventional tools.
Large panel sizes mean fast installation, short construction times, lower costs and the ability to meet completion deadlines.
Large Environmentally friendly because all materials are fully recyclable. Also, we build façades from other composite panels, such as TRESPA, FORMICA, and EXTERIOR. We execute a very wide range of elevation-type work because we take into account the needs of every individual project.



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