Machine park

Due to the support of the European Union, RODEX company started production of energy-saving PVC and aluminium carpentry in new, technologically advanced machine park. Many solutions applied are completely new on Polish market.

Line for PVC carpentry production

New, innovative line for energy-saving PVC carpentry production is automated and have the efficiency of 360 window units per 8 hours. The line consists, among other things, of cutting and processing centre that ensures a complex processing, profile cutting, milling of profile ends, screwing of reinforcements as well as automatic assembly of circuit fastenings as well as of 3 welding and cleaning lines, including a six-head welding machine for welding frames and poles “straight ahead”. Control of machines via computer allows for e-production. Besides, the new technology allows producing much more resistant windows that are safe, resistant to atmospheric and mechanical conditions, with increased acoustic insulation and what is more important, reducing the loss of warmth in a building. It also allows for windows of untypical and original shapes and windows produced according to HFL (Holzfenster Look) system.


Aluminium joinery production line

The line for the production of aluminium joinery is made of a two-head saw and a processing centre. The saw is levelled electronically, which allows for very precise cutting and significant reduction of manufacturing waste. The innovative, automatic processing centre for processing aluminium and steel profiles uses schemes that allow for processing on four sides at the same time. This centre is controlled via computer with the use of new software, which allows for very precise processing of profiles. The processing centre allows carrying out all technological operations on aluminium and steel profile which are indispensible for achieving expected aluminium joinery. Cutting disc for processing profiles in perpendicular plane and double-track processing is an additional unusual technical solution used by RODEX.